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TREASURE TRACK: Multi Functional Area Development_By Marazzato

04/03/2021 - 30/06/2021

Call for Ideas

Knowing the past and understanding the present are necessary condition to orient the future. This assumption drives our attention to the enhancement of our cultural resources that are the physical representation of our past. As recent researches have proved improving the cultural heritage produces positive socio-economic impacts. The business collections are the proof of our production culture that can be useful to describe the past on which we can build our future.

The greatest European collection of heavy vehicles belongs to Marazzato. 250 trucks are part of this collection that is an indelible proof of the work and society development. At the moment the collection is not freely accessible and is stored into an industrial building located in a site of 34.000 sq.m in Stroppiana municipality (VC).

To enhance the collection and to activate positive impacts on the territory, Marazzato intend to realize a renovation project of the area that will become a cultural focal point. The aim of Marazzato is to realize a modern space where the collection is the protagonist and in which users can see and test vehicles that are all perfectly operative.


The aim of the Challenge is to design a museum for the future transforming the industrial site into a focal point, active during all the year and in which it is possible to test innovative solutions for the exposition (e.g. ICT, AR, gaming).

To enhance the enjoyment of the collection, the students will have to:

design a renovation project of the area taking into account the overall image of the museum;

design and test innovative solution for the enjoyment of the collection (e.g. virtual reality, “museum in a pocket”);

design a marketing strategy aimed at increasing the awareness of the trucks museum.


This activity will be recognized within your educational plan with 8 CFU credits.

Check your institutional email, look for ‘Challenge@PoliTo’ and read the regulation carefully.

SIGN UP NOW! Places are limited!

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