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Innovating Hose and Cable Reels_By Zeca S.p.A.

Enhancing Functionality, Design, and Sustainability

23/09/2024 - 11/01/2025


The company’s flagship products are hose or cable reels; the core of the product is a tube or electrical cable wound on a coil. The system allows, through a spiral spring, the retraction of the tubing (of various materials) or the cable in a simple manner by releasing a stop tooth.

In industrial and professional work environments, this system allows for a tidy, clean environment and avoids dangerous clutter for workers.


The aim of the challenge is to improve and innovate the current product, also by researching new additional functionalities for the system. Looking beyond the traditional use, the study will focus on the application in other sectors. 

Key objectives:

  • New solutions of hose cable/reel that cross traditionality and future;
  • Implementing the product with an innovative design; 
  • New materials to increase sustainability and reduce environmental impact;
  • Alternative technical solutions for adding an integrated braking system for safe return;
  • Comfort maximization and protection of the end user.

All improvements must consider the final cost of the product.

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