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SMART AREA 24h _by Poste Italiane

01/10/2020 - 31/01/2021

Call for Ideas

In an increasingly fast and dynamic world, where people are getting more digital oriented, Poste Italiane aims to become a provider of digital services and experiences to satisfy the growing needs of customers and the market.
The Smart Areas respond to actual needs of autonomy and simplification in the management of operations, thanks to the potentiality of the new digital technology, for active and potential customers, such as for example customers that need a specific:

  • availability of time: unable to wait in queue at the counters;
  • opening hours: only open when post offices are closed;
  • communication: foreign customers or people with impairments;
  • digital culture: customers unable to take advantage of digital services.

In order to proceed in the direction of change, Poste Italiane wants to merge traditional and new methods of providing services: among these, the Smart Area of the Post Office of the future.


The Smart Areas are dedicated to operations that customers will be able to carry out independently and safely 24/24 hours, for examples:

  • financial operation;
  • packages delivery;
  • recorded mail;
  • consulting services;
  • New emerging needs.

The teams will have to imagine and project these Smart Areas. The objectives are:

  • to plan innovative spaces and ways to connect people to Poste Italiane’s services;
  • to seamlessly merge physical experience to digital one for all customers;
  • to create both tangible and digital interfaces/products to foster automatic operations;
  • to facilitate customers in carrying out operations at the Poste Italiane Offices.

This activity will be recognized within your educational plan with 8 CFU credits.

Check your institutional email, look for ‘Challenge@PoliTo’ and read the regulation carefully.

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