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O. d. C.: local opportunities to support high quality care _By Tecnicaer

27/01/2022 - 30/06/2022

Call for Ideas

During the current pandemic situation, the “O.d.C. – Ospedale di Comunità” has been re-evaluated. Within the PNRR, they will be strengthened using funds from the community program “Next Generation EU”.

The O.d.C. is a short-term hospitalisation facility aimed at patients who require low-intensity clinical health interventions that can potentially be provided at home, but who are hospitalised in these facilities due to the lack of suitability of the house (structural and/or family). Nevertheless, these patients require continuous nursing care/surveillance, even night.

They are mainly nurse-managed territorial hospitalisation facilities, usually with 20 beds (maximum 40) reserved for intermediate care between hospitalisation and territorial care.

The Challenge aims to analyse the different possible solutions for the realisation of the “New O.d.C.”, defining guidelines and a basic organisational typological model that will then be declined in various contexts.

The challenge is proposed by Tecnicaer Engineering S.r.l., an emerging Engineering and Design company: his goal is investigating innovative, eco-sustainable and rapid technical solutions that guarantee the safety of execution times and cost control.


The teams will be asked to investigate:

  • The best form for the “New O.d.C.”, hypothesising effective solutions for flow management;
  • The relationship with the social and urban context;
  • The types of materials and technical solutions, mainly prefabricated, that can ensure low construction times and costs;
  • The technical solutions to ensure the energy sustainability of the building;
  • The technologies to be also installed given telemedicine.

The design proposals must also integrate advanced interoperable technologies of BIM, GIS, VPL, and virtual and augmented reality to design and visualise data.



The Challenges are worth 8 curricular or extracurricular credits.

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N.B. The information provided is indicative. They may change depending on the exams already passed.

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