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Living with Natural Risks

Together for safety

04/03/2024 - 15/06/2024


Landslides, floods and fires are among the major natural hazards having a great impact on the socioeconomic framework of the world.
Changes in environmental conditions, due to the growth of the population, land-use intensification and industrial development, have the potential to increase the natural risk in many regions.
Moreover, climate change is expected to alter, for example, precipitation patterns having consequences for the frequency and distribution of natural risks.
Thus, there is an emerging appeal for developing new common policies and strategies in order to reduce the impact of these phenomena, as well as to make the communities aware and part of the reality they live in.
The challenge is to design and shape the future of natural risks awareness, prevention and mitigation with a scientific and/or playful tool.


You can create your own team, apply your team’s idea and try to develop it into a start-up.
You have to focus on one or more natural hazards (landslides, floods, fires) and face the challenge on one of the following aspects:

  • Communication: population, school, formation, information, what and how, awareness, participation, preparedness, empowerment;
  • Prevention: monitoring, identification, automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data;
  • Mitigation: smart structures, warning, maintenance, efficiency, deterioration, environmental impact.

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