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Driving the Future_By Iveco

Revolutionizing Commercial Vehicles with Smart Solutions

02/10/2023 - 20/01/2024


The automotive sector is undergoing a revolution due to advanced technologies,  including light commercial vehicles. 

The future of commercial vehicles relies on smart solutions, including the use of predictive algorithms. The advent of V2X (vehicle for everything) technology will enable the collection of data from various sources, leading to improved efficiency and reduced cognitive workload. The driver’s role will be reshaped with the introduction of autonomous driving.


The aim of the challenge is to break conventional paradigms in the future of vehicles. A closer interaction between humans and vehicles based on the real mission of the vehicle is necessary, and obsolete commands, visual iterations, and instrument clusters must be rethought.

Key objectives:

  • Apply Creative Thinking to the future of vehicles; 
  • Focus on the driver and occupants’ needs;
  • The integration of novel solutions should focus on minimizing on-board energy consumption to improve the vehicle range capability.

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Challenge _by Firms

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