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Silver Economy_By Students

27/02/2023 - 15/07/2023


In Europe, the percentage of people over 65 will rise from 29.6% in 2016 to 51.2% in 2070. This demographic change will lead to an evolution in people’s behaviour and consumption: the improvement in the quality standard of life has in fact given rise to a segment of the population that is no longer working but has a strong economic power.
In this scenario is growing a new business opportunity the Silver Economy: a focus on the specific needs of population over 65 years old. The Silver Economy does not associate ageing with higher social costs but rather with an opportunity for the creation of new businesses that can respond to growing needs linked not only to health, but also to leisure, new forms of work, as well as the development technologies and services designed specifically for elderly people staying at home.
The Silver Economy is therefore targeting the most heterogeneous segment of the population as it brings together the young elderly, the elderly, the very elderly and the over-centenarian, and contributes to responding to a rich, growing market with concrete prospects.



The Silver Economy is an economy that does not affect just a few sectors, but instead involves many industries of goods and services. The objective of the challenge is to propose and develop projects within this context.
Teams will be able to take part in this new opportunity by proposing innovative ideas and solutions in different areas, such as, as examples:

– Health and Home Care;
– Wellness and ICT;
– Domotics and Digital;
– Cultural and Recreational Services;
– Travel and Tourism.


Course syllabus:


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