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Save Our products: Ship with care _BY Sea&Symphony

27/09/2021 - 20/01/2022

Call for Ideas

Sea&Symphony, founded in 1995 in Torino and initially aimed at the nautical market, design, buiId and sell, all over the world, a large series of electrical mechanisms to move audio and video systems, architectural elements and other objects. These mechanisms are built to last and are sturdy but they have some fragile parts that need to be protected, especially during the phases of packaging, transport and delivery, during which they are often damaged, making the products unusable. ​

Sea&Symphony use recyclable materials for the packaging as the cardboard with an etaphon core or wooden crates but they have some limits: they force to have a considerable packaging warehouse and customers don’t know how to reuse the boxes they paid for.

At this time the packaging is done by hand by the employees.


The challenge is to imagine a robust, versatile and completely reusable packaging, compact and easy to store.

The aim of the challenge is to realize a new system or process with the following basic characteristics:

  • sturdy packaging for the final product with respect to the external environment (transport and delivery);
  • cost of material and of the entire packaging system no higher than the current one;
  • reliability of the system and repeatability of the final result with low waste;​
  • integration of systems for the logistics chain control;
  • possibility to reuse the package.

The Challenges are worth 8 curricular or extracurricular credits.

Check the curriculum of your degree programme to verify if you can choose a Challenge in substitution of for your free choice credits.

Check your institutional email, look for ‘Challenge@PoliTo’ and read the regulation carefully.

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