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03/10/2019 - 18/01/2020

Nowadays, the concept of travel is changing the paradigm, focusing more attention to the services that the infrastructure could offer to the travelers. From the place of origin to the desired destination, traveling means offering people an integrated, non-discontinued multimodal approach (from the Hub to Hub model to the Door to Door model).
The main goal of the firms in the sector, including Hitachi Rail, is to transform this challenge in opportunity devising a system of analysis and management of pedestrians in delimited spaces, with reference to critical scenarios and decisions to be made in real time when the flows are considerable.
The areas of the Politecnico will be used as an application field for testing the solutions. The potential solutions could be able to monitor pedestrian flows and advise “best” routes during classroom change times, estimate waiting times and queue lengths at offices, the secretariat, the bar, etc.
In this way, the University will represent a test field and an important “pilot project” for future developments of solutions in public environments, such as railway stations.

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Challenge _by Firms

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