INTERNET OF THINGS smart and self-powered_By Students

- 28/02/2023

Call for Ideas

Nowadays, thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), things are becoming smarter, ubiquitous, and heterogenous.

The IoT foster systems to be more productive, efficient, and sustainable. Besides, it simplifies everyday complexities and routinary activities as well as the way people interact with the environment and objects.

The IoT is enabling use cases on physical monitoring, physical access, HVAC monitoring and control, manufacturing, shipping and logistics, predictive maintenance, extended reality, health and fitness, agriculture, etc. In fact, over 80% of companies currently use IoT-based technologies to address business use cases.

However, considering current market grow, the disruptive impact of 5G, the amount of used devices, and their connections; security, energy, sustainability, standardization,   privacy, network, and reliability challenges must be addressed to extend its adoption and become flexible against market demand.



You can create your own team, apply with your team’s idea and try to develop it into a start-up.

The challenge is to propose a new IoT product addressing energy efficiency, sustainability, and cyber-security challenges relevant within one or more of the following sectors:

  • manufacturing,
  • retail,
  • logistics,
  • agriculture.

There should be considered self-powered and low cost devices. Moreover, the product use other enabling technologies such as 5G, AI, Big Data, AR, Cloud Computing, etc.

Teams will:

  • perform a market analysis
  • perform technology scouting
  • identify the main applications
  • define a system / product architecture
  • define the business model and use cases
  • create a brand and name for the new company.


Course syllabus:


In collaboration with CIM 4.0


This challenge is carried out in the context of the CTE Next initiative, funded by the MISE.


Challenge@PoliTo are worth 8 curricular or extracurricular credits.

Check your degree programme to verify it.

Overcoming the Challenge allows the release of the Open Badge.

Places are limited. For any questions, write to



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