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Digital Twin

Transforming industries beyond boundaries

02/10/2023 - 20/01/2024


The Digital Twin is the digital replica of a physical object, be it a product, a process or a system.

In the Digital Twin, data and information from the real world is faithfully reproduced in the virtual world in order to create a pair of perfectly identical twins. These two systems, through the use of different and specific technologies, can communicate and interact by exchanging information throughout the life cycle of the physical object, from the creation and production phase, to optimization and what-if analysis, until to the operation and runtime monitoring phase. The development of a Digital Twin requires a multidisciplinary approach, as multiple aspects are involved.


The application of the Digital Twin, initially applied to the aerospace and industrial sectors, is extending to very heterogeneous applications. This makes the market of Digital Twins grow year after year, as new applications are made possible beyond automotive and Industry 4.0, including e.g., city monitoring and health applications.

Teams will be able to take part in this new business opportunity by proposing innovative ideas and solutions in different areas, such as:

Manufacturing, e.g., for the monitoring of robot arms on a production line

Automotive, e.g., for advanced monitoring of batteries of electric vehicles

Energy, e.g., for the development of energy communities

Healthcare and pharmaceutics;

Land Digital Twin, e.g., to monitor and exploit geospacial information

Cultural and Recreational Services, e.g., to give virtual access to museums to physically impaired patients.

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