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28/09/2021 - 20/01/2022

Call for Ideas

The new technologies, jobs, lifestyles, which have established themselves in particular in the last decade, require a new approach to the learning and educational system, which instead has remained unchanged despite the great social and economic evolutions. Everything is now “digital” and we have access to information through our mobile devices any time we want.

This means that students, teachers and institutions need to rethink and imagine new and alternative education models and experience, capable of creating a continuous learning path that is as personalized as possible with respect to the needs of individual students, inclusive and attentive to the impact of innovation for the new generations.

Now is the time not only to dream but to start building the alternative you want with an open mind and loads of creativity.



The purpose of the challenge is to map the education system and rethink it, imagining new ways through which students can experience learning and personal development. Suggested solutions need to have a digital component that makes it easier to build and scale and become a new startup.

The analysis can involve:

  • How can the “one size fits all” approach to education be transcended, moving forward from a fixed and standard way of teaching that involves mainly a passive audience and leaves no space for participation.
  • Introduction of new ways of learning and developing critical thinking and the right mix of skills.
  • Approach to information (quality, relevance, usefulness) and attitude of questioning and creative thinking.
  • Development of a different and participative education system that can evolve with the attitudes, ambitions and objectives of each student.
  • Focus on skills and knowledge required to enter the work market and that often students are requested to learn by themselves because are not part of the education system.
  • Understand how corporates and employers look at new ways of education and are ready to accept them.

The Challenges are worth 8 curricular or extracurricular credits.

Check the curriculum of your degree programme to verify if you can choose a Challenge in substitution of for your free choice credits.

Check your institutional email, look for ‘Challenge@PoliTo’ and read the regulation carefully.

SIGN UP NOW! Places are limited!

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Challenge _by Firms

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