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EcoPackTech_By Tosa

Designing the Future of Sustainable Automated Packaging in Food & Beverage

04/03/2024 - 15/06/2024


Following the increasingly rapid evolution of the market, consumers are changing their way of approaching purchases also in the Food&Beverage sector preferring digital. The fragmentation of purchases leads to an exponential increase in logistics work and the needs and methods of transport packaging are changing rapidly.

Consequently, customer requests place us in front of new challenges aimed at optimizing packaging processes, with a view to: sustainability, alternative packaging methods, modification of the industrial automation process for which it is necessary to find innovative and ecological solutions.


The aim of this challenge is to design a fully automated technological packaging machine for the F&B sector, which must be flexible according to the product to process, efficient, with great autonomy and minimum maintenance.

The machine will have to perceive the dimensions and nature of the product in total autonomy and, by integrating the information relating to the shipment and final destination, adapt itself to them.

The packaging must be recyclable and reusable, with a particular attention to the carbon footprint of the plant, the raw materials and the energy consumption of the machine.

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Attività organizzata nell’ambito dell’Ecosistema dell’Innovazione Nord Ovest Digitale E Sostenibile, Spoke 7, grant agreement n. ECS00000036, MUR – M4C2 – Investimento 1.5

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